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  • Phubby Navy Operate your cellphone thru the fabric
  • Phubby is a convenient way to carry your Cellphone when playing sports
  • Phubby Camo - Phubby the wrist cubby, view and operate your cell phone on your wrist, without taking it out of your Phubby
  • Phubby on your wrist while you shoot hoops
  • Phubby cellphone holder on your wrist on a business day
  • Phubby on your wrist while you cook
  • Phubby on your wrist so you don't miss a call while fishing
  • Phubby keeps your cellphone on your wrist while you play your musical instrument
  • Feel the vibration of your cellphone on your wrist when you are on your bike
  • Playing your musical instrument with Phubby on your wrist
  • Rock climbing with your cellphone safely in your Phubby on your wrist
  • Easily place your cellphone into your Phubby
  • Garden with your Phubby cellphone holder
  • Black Phubby
  • Operate your cellphone thru your Black Phubby
  • New Phubby Camo the wrist cubby in a new fabulous color
  • Phubby is right there on your wrist
  • Navy Phubby easy to see thru
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  • Pink Phubby.  Feel the vibration and operate your cellphone without taking it out of Phubby
  • Purple Phubby is new and selling fast.
  • Red Phubby.
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Wrist Cell Phone Holder Phubby - Improved For Large Phones

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Product Description

Embrace the coolest trend with this handy and versatile solution to protect your precious smartphone on the go. With this innovative Phubby wrist cellphone holder, you can provide unmatched protection to your smartphone against scratches and other damages while running or working-out. Made of high quality, sturdy and breathable material, Phubby wrist cellphone holder is exceptionally soft and flexible. Do whatever you want while listening to your favorite songs and without missing a single call. This stylish Phubby (pronounced Fubby) cell phone holder is going to be a permanent part of your lifestyle. 

‘Phubby the Wrist Cubby’, as it’s popularly called, is elegant and practical. This cell phone holder can easily slip over your hand and adjust itself onto your wrist to keep your smartphone secure and easy to access. All your delicate electronic items, such as smartphones, can easily fit into the spacious pocket provided on the inside of the wrist. What distinguishes Phubby from other run-of-the-mill wrist purses is that you can fully access and operate your device without removing it from the band. It accomplishes this with the help of visible and breathable fabric. The chic design and ground-breaking functionality makes Phubby an everyday option. 

Phubby is so comfortable and easy to use that you can slide your smartphone in and out within seconds, in fact, even before the second ring. Never worry about the safety of your cell phone again. There is another pocket provided on the back for your cards, key and other essentials. This simply means that if you own this versatile Phubby, you won’t need to carry your purse and risk losing your valuables anymore. Keep everything close at hand for unmatched accessibility and safety of your essentials. Phubby is a perfect accessory for everyone with an active lifestyle.   

Ideal for runners, sport people, musicians, motorcyclists or if you enjoy hiking, cycling, biking, traveling, fishing, jogging, cooking or any activity where you need to be hands-free, Phubby is your ultimate companion. Designed for people on the go, and those who want to keep their delicate essentials organized, safe and easily accessible, Phubby also helps you make a terrific style statement. 

What’s the perfect size for you? Here’s an easy way to determine exactly that. Wrap a dollar bill around your wrist. If the ends of the bill meet or nearly meet, you need to order a small size Phubby. If there is a gap of approx 1” between the ends, you will need a medium size Phubby. In case, the gap is around 2”, a large size Phubby will be most suitable for you. While determining your size, it’s recommended that you also take into account the size of your phone. Opt for a larger size if you own a bigger smartphone. 

A great hands-free solution for the ultimate protection of your cellphone while working out, running or listening to your favorite songs on the go, Phubby is designed to deliver unparalleled comfort, safety and convenience.

PHUBBY is machine washable. Read what customers are saying ...

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Product Videos

Phubby Wrist Cell Phone Holder: DEMO'D Phubby The Wrist Cubby (04:21)
Phubby wrist cell phone holder at http://nifty-nifty.com/phubby/ is the sport wrist wallet. Phubby is for iPhone5 and iPhone4 and all cell phones. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=niftyniftyvideos. Phubby cell phone holder, the wrist cubby is available in a variety of colors. Phubby phone holder is a wristband cell phone holder, a wrist cell phone holder which allows you to view and operate your cell phone right thru the fabric. Get your Phubby now at http://www.Nifty-Nifty.com. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=niftyniftyvideos
  • Phubby Wrist Cell Phone Holder: DEMO'D Phubby The Wrist Cubby
    Phubby wrist cell phone holder at http://nifty-nifty.com/phubb...
  • PHUBBY The Wrist Cubby Wrist Cellphone Holder Is Amazing!
    Phubby The Wrist Cubby/phubby is the wrist cellphone holder wi...
  • Phubby The Wrist Cubby-Wrist Cellphone Holder - Watch the awesome video!
    Phubby The Wrist Cubby at http://Nifty-Nifty.com/phubby/. Best...

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  1. too small

    Posted by MC on 21st Oct 2016

    I got the largest size. I have a average sized man forearm and a 7+ phone. I fiddled with the placement of the phone on my forearm as best I could but it was tight no matter what. With the new touch home button, you can't press the button then tap the open code so you have to put the phone in upside down. So, if you have a small phone, it will be good. I can only guess this was not made in the US since the largest size is way too small.

  2. Best vacation accessory!

    Posted by Stacy on 4th Aug 2015

    Just got back from The Greenbrier in West Virginia and the Phubby was my essential "don't leave the cottage" item! Instead of carting around my big heavy purse, I had my cell phone, room key, and credit card available to me in my Phubby. I would highly recommend this product for anyone going on vacation or just out to a park or beach for the day!


    Posted by Ann on 22nd Jun 2015

    I would rate this 5 stars IF there were velcro on each pocket side. Great product but needs to be improved. The velcro that is on one side came off my first one. I placed it under my sewing machine and sewed MULTIPLE TINY stitches back and forth, back and forth. The current size of the stitching on the phubby is WAY TOO BIG, causing the stitches to break due to taking my cell phone in and out.

  4. Great concept, though didn't quite meet my expecations

    Posted by Karen on 28th May 2015

    I ordered the flesh colored Phubby. I was thrilled with the idea of carrying my phone to sporting events, etc., and being able to use it while on my arm. I ordered the flesh-colored item, and I can't see through it as readily as photos show some of them. And with the glass screen protector on my iPhone, I found I couldn't see the screen or use touch screen well through the mesh. It seemed a bit too thick in front of the phone face. So I have to pull my phone out to use it, and it's a pain to put it back in the pocket while wearing the Phubby. Perhaps other colors work better. I will use mine, but with less enthusiasm as when I ordered it.

    Karen -Go to your cell phone settings and set it to bright. That should help. The darker colors are easier to see thru because of the contrast. We'll gladly exchange yours for a Black. Let us know.

  5. good idea needs improvement

    Posted by Maria on 22nd Nov 2014

    when selling this product , customers need to be advised that the 'phubby' is to be used on phones with no cases around them. I purchased a small case based on my wrist size, but was unable to fit my iphone with an "otter box" on the phone & the phone would not fit. in the "phubby".

  6. Great product

    Posted by Kim Duran on 19th Sep 2014

    I really like the concept of the Phubby wrist Chubby, however I wish it was just slightly longer as it barely fits my Samsung S5 with a lifeproof case on it. I do like the idea that I don't have to take it out of it's case when I work out and I can still have it monitor my exercise. I may try a larger size and see if it will slide to my upper arm.

  7. Wrist Phubby

    Posted by Lupe on 27th Aug 2014

    I love it. It is perfect for carrying my cel phone when I'm on the motorcycle as a passenger. I can even use it while we are riding. My only complaint is on myself that I can't see it well enough through the material. That is only because I wear reading glasses and I don't wear them while we are driving. I may try a lighter color. Love that they come in different colors too.

    Lupe try changing your phone settings to 'bright' you'll see much better.

  8. Just What I Have Been Searching For

    Posted by Rebecca on 26th May 2014

    I enjoy walking for exercise. In the cooler months, I can walk in my regular clothes and carry my phone and key in my pocket. In summer, my exercise clothes lack pockets and I can't carry my essentials. Enter the Phubby-- now my phone and key are secured to my wrist. No worry about missed calls and no strain on my hands. My device slips easily into the mesh holder and I can manipulate my screen without removing my phone. I am very pleased with this invention.

  9. LOVE THIS GREAT IPHONE accessory for running

    Posted by Loren on 12th Feb 2014

    With the constant reinvention of the iphone, Apple stopped making phone holders for our waists when running/walking and wanting to listen to music while still having our phone handy. I never liked the armband so this is an awesome alternative! It holds your phone plus credit cards or a hotel key or a little cash on your wrist so you can comfortably run/walk hands-free and when cooling down or just chilling out on the lakefront, you can still use the phone to chat! You can see who though the fabric who is calling and talk on the phone all hands-free. The fabric is designed such that we can dial on the touchscreen through the Phubby, too. Great invention!

  10. Too short for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Posted by Shari Allen on 2nd Jan 2014

    Love this holder, but it is too short for my Galaxy S4. That's my fault because the product description did say new iPhone. Great for keeping your phone handy without hassles.

  11. love it

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2013

    bought 2. me and wife love the phubby wrist cellphone holder.

  12. What you see is what you get!

    Posted by Dr. Jacqui Cyrus on 13th Oct 2013

    Phubby is a wonderful cellphone holder for the wrist. I purchased one, and then upon its arrival, I purchased several more for family. I did a 'show and tell' for my colleagues and students, all of whom thought it was a great product. One student told me that I had solved her Christmas gift list conundrum. It's a great product that does exactly what it is advertised to do.

  13. Excellent idea so useful

    Posted by frank Walmsley on 21st Aug 2013

    i wasn't sure if this product would fit the idea I first had about it,How wrong was I? It met and exceeded my expectations.more than one person has seen it and asked about were I got it from.thanks for speedy and professional delivery all the way from USA to N Z.

  14. Comfy

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jul 2013

    Holds my phone as expected and the touch screen works well enough despite the fabric being there.

    One thing I did like about this is that is has two sleeves on each side so you can hold your phone in one and put money/keys/cards in the other. (only one side has the velcro but the non-velcro side is tight enough that I dont have to worry about my cards falling out)

    The downside is the huge tag on the velcro side but that is easily removed.

  15. Best customer service and product

    Posted by Ann on 1st Jul 2013

    I travel a lot and the Phuuby is perfect for cell phone, money and credit cards.
    Much safer than a purse and more comfortable than travel pouches some use.
    As much as I like the product ,I am in awe of the customer service. Prompt replies, immediate exchange and research on my Wish List, this is why I will keep shopping here.

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